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Meet Our Instructors

Bell Martial Arts has an experienced and wide ranging team of instructors.  Some of our instructors have been teaching for well over 35 years.  Most have been with the Bell Martial Arts for over 15 years.  Feel free to peruse the instructor details below. 


Note about Ranks & Titles:  The title "Kwan Jang Nim" is a title given to the honorable head of the school, like a headmaster.   It is a title afforded to someone who has reached the rank of Grandmaster (i.e. 7th Dan and above). The title "Sa Bom Nim" is bestowed upon anyone who has reached the rank of 4th-6th Dan.  Those individuals are also known as "Masters" or "Certified Master Instructors." The title "Sa Bom" refers to any holder of a black belt with a rank of 1st-3rd Dan.  Those with the rank of 3rd Dan are officially recognized as "Certified Instructors." The 1st and 2nd Dans are technically "Junior Instructors" or "Instructors in Training.," sometimes referred to as "Assistant Instructors."

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