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November 2021 - Sandy’s Treasures Monthly Newsletter

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

October Recap

Super special thanks to everyone who supported, donated and/or participated in our 1st Annual Breast Cancer Walk on October 23 at Winton Woods Park! We had a great time walking 3 miles for an amazing cause and representing for our why!

Congratulations to Our Black Belt Testers!

Our black belt testers rocked the house and kicked off our last test month of the year! Those testing included SBN Diane, SBN Arthur, SB Michelle, SB Ashley, and SB Acquanette.

We are so proud of the growth of the Team Bell legacy. Excellent job! Special congrats to

SB Acquanette, SB Michelle, SB Ashley, Master Caine, and Master Diane!

Center Updates

We have come a long way these past few months and have finally moved our efforts downstairs. Once complete, our lower level will serve as additional practice space, café area, student cubbies/stoarge, ladies lounge, and executive office. We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to improve our new space. Please continue to take care of your home by cleaning up messes, disposing of trash, and restocking empty items such as soap, toilet paper, sanitizer, etc. Don’t wait to be asked to pitch in!

Health is Wealth

November is American Diabetes Month

Approximately 34.2 million Americans-just over 1 in 10- have diabetes-including almost 200,000 Americans under the age of 21. 1 in every 3 Americans are prediabetic and/or undiagnoised, with twice as many cases in the black and hispanic communities.

We all know someone effected by this deadly disease so it is important that we take the proper steps to prevent, treat, and do our part. Throughout the month, we will provide free health screenings (sign up required) and literature to help track goals, raise awareness, and help prevent diabetes.

Operation Prevent the Spread

With the winter months approaching, we are still taking precautions to protect and prevent the spread of Covid-19, common colds, flu, etc. The center is routinely cleaned and santized after every class/event. Masks and hand sanitizer are located throughout the center for your convenience. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe. Please continue to wear your mask and wash your hands often. Remember to stay home if you don’t feel well and as always, stay hydrated and dress the weather!

Various locations for free vaccinations are available throughout the city if you have not yet been vaccinated. For detailed vaccine info or questions/concerns regarding both youth and adult vaccines, please contact Dr. Toya Coffey for great tips and advice!

Martial Arts

With our new schedule in effect, we are now able to divide and conquer our classes and better provide quality instruction based on skill set, age, and/or rank. Our new Monday beginner classes have taken off full storm and have become a huge benefit to both students and instructors.

Black belt participation is required at least twice a month- schedule TBA.

Advanced belts also welcome to assist with instruction.

Definition ‘Jabber’ (noun/verb): to talk rapidly and excitedly with little understanding😊

Our new Jabbers class is devoted to our fearless little ninjas ages 3-6. 30min of fun, burning energy, and learning physical, mental, and social skills such as teamwork, balance, coordination, and memory. This class will have their own curriculum, mediation, and ranking system. We are excited for the next generation!

Outreach/Community - Save the Date

In 2011, Team Bell began volunteering at St Francis Soup Kitchen. In just a few short hours, we fed over 100 men, women, and children and helped clean the facility. Although Covid has put a damper on a lot of events, we would still like to contribute to those in need and help fight against hunger, especially around the holidays.

FACT: Approx. 1,547,110 people are facing hunger - and of them 448,600 are children.

Join us for our Holiday Lunch Box Event at the center Fri 12/10 6p-8p to help assemble box lunches that will be dropped off at St Francis and distrubted by their staff.

Additional details TBA. Donations accepted via cash app $foreversandy

Other PG1PSB Programs

We are so excited to expand our services beyond martial arts and truly touch the community mind, body, and soul.

The next program to launch is our Dames & Daiquris Dance Workout, starting December 1st. This ladies only workout session will consist of 45min of cardio dance exercises, followed by mediation and refreshments. D&D will be held every Wednesday 6:30p-7:30p. Additional info TBA.

In 2022, we will launch all other faith-based programs and events as we continue to improve our beautiful space to do God’s work. If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer to assist with any service, please let us know. Programs include:

-latchkey/ tutoring -financial literacy sessions

-ladies dance workouts -fitness bootcamps

-health screenings -community outreach/ awareness events

#SandyBellLLC #PutGod1stPlace

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