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December 2021 - Sandy’s Treasures Monthly Newsletter

November Recap

Test Month Complete

Big congrats to all of our testers who received their new rank last month! We are so proud of your diligence and hard work. In the new year, we will resume hosting promotional tests quarterly so please continue to practice and train hard….you never know when it will be your turn!

Center Updates

We are chipping away at the lower level and plan to be 100% complete in the coming new year! It takes a village to create such an awesome vision and we would like to thank all of you who have helped bring Sandy’s dream to life! We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to improve our new space. In 2022, we plan to continue to enhance our space over the next few months: mounted tvs, student lockers, café area, executive office, exercise equipment, and so much more. We look forward to bringing our new home to the next level and providing the best environment to our members!

All feedback, suggestions, décor ideas, events, etc are all welcome! This is our home and we value your feedback! Fell free to see, call, or text any of your instructors to more!

Please continue to take care of our home by disposing of trash, restocking empty items (soap, toilet paper, sanitizer), turning lights, HVAC, and faucets are completely turned off.

Don’t wait to be asked to pitch in, just do it! 😊

Reminder: The lower level bathroom is fully functional and open for use! Feel free to use for more privacy if needed. Also ladies are welcome to change in lounge.

Health is Wealth

December is National Safe Toy Month!

It’s no secret that December is the biggest gift giving month of the year. That’s why it is important that we keep safety in mind while shopping for our loved ones.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in 2020 there were 9 deaths and nearly 170,000 toy-related emergency room visits for children ages 14 and younger. Most of the injuries and deaths were associated with choking hazards, mostly because of small toy parts. Although toy safety has improved throughout the years, shoppers should still take precautions to keep children safe. Keep gifts age- appropriate and always supervise smaller children.

Check out some more great tips below to ensure safe gifting:

Operation Prevent the Spread

With the winter months approaching, we are still taking precautions to protect and prevent the spread of Covid-19, common colds, flu, etc. The center is routinely cleaned and santized after every class/event. Masks and hand sanitizer are located throughout the center for your convenience. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe. Please continue to wear your mask and wash your hands often. Remember to stay home if you don’t feel well and as always, stay hydrated and dress the weather!

Various locations for free vaccinations are available throughout the city if you have not yet been vaccinated. For detailed vaccine info or questions/concerns regarding both youth and adult vaccines, please contact Dr. Toya Coffey for great tips and advice!

Martial Arts

Our new Mondays class is becoming a big hit! We have our Jabbers Class (ages 3-6) from 6p-6:30p, followed by youth and adult beginner class (white to yellow belt). All ranks are welcome to attend this class. There are instructors available to help with additional questions/techinques for any level as well as open practice availble in the lower level. We are so excited to be able to offer an additoonal day of fun, quality teaching!

Get an extra class for the same price!- come check us out!

Our bi-weekly weapons class has also taken off, under the instruction of SBN DI! In this class, we focus on the history of the sword, Iadio terminology, and the super detailed techniques and sword forms. This class will be geared to advanced adult and black belt ranks only, however, we will be implementing more concentration on weapons, matwork, terminology, and so much more in our traditional class curriculum!

Black belt and advanced ranks are required to assist with instruction for this class agt least twice a month- Assignment schedules TBN- see KJN / SBM Tony for any questions.

Outreach/Community - Save the Date

No soup kitchen this year, but we’re still helping in the fight against hunger! Please join us for our 1st Annual Holiday Lunch Box Event at r Fri 12/10 6p-8p to help assemble box lunches that will be dropped off at St Francis and distrubted by their staff. Let’s do our part and give God’s people a free, nutritious well- balanced meal!

FACT: 1 in every 8 families suffer from hunger. Over 60% of that being kids!

Acceptable donation items:

Bread/ Sliced Meat Pkts of mustard, ketchup, mayo

Flavor packets for bottled water Bottled water

Granola bars/Fruit grain bars Cookies/Crackers/chips

SAVE THE DATE: Our annual Team Bell Holiday celebration will be Sat 12/18 (Time TBA).

To contribute to youth bags, sign up sheet- located on classroom door. More info to come!

Other PG1PSB Programs

Our new home means new opportunities to touch the community! We are so excited to expand our services beyond martial arts and help enhance God’s people mind, body, and soul.

In the new year, we will be offering a variety of faith-based programs, events, and fundraisers! Some services include youth fun Friday bible study, financial literacy sessions, fitness bootcamps, team sleepovers/picnics, tutoring and so much more!

The next program to launch is our Dames & Daiquri Dance Workout, starting December 15th. This ladies only workout session will consist of 45min of cardio dance excerises, followed by prayer/mediation circle, and refereshments. This class will not ony provide a safe, comfortable environment for our hardworking ladies, but also promote sisterhood, mental health, and healthy living. D&D will be held every Wednesday 6:30p-7:30p. See SB Ash for details!

#SandyBellLLC #PutGod1stPlace

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