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October 2021 - Sandy’s Treasures Monthly Newsletter

Center Updates

Transforming Our New Location

They say the road to success is always under construction! We are well on our road of transformation at our new Finneytown home! In these upcoming weeks, we will be putting the final touches on the upper level and tackling our lower level space as we prepare for our official grand opening in mid-October. We appreciate everyone who came out to clean, paint, decorate, and/or donate to our new chapter. We are so excited to expand our services beyond martial arts and truly touch God’s people-mind, body, and soul.

Our new space will also allow for us to get back to our traditional, fun special events such as team sleepovers, talent shows, holiday parties, KJN vs SBN team football/basketball playoffs, and so much more. The opportunities are endless! Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. All welcome!

Health is Wealth

October is breast cancer awareness month! Let’s pull out our pink and represent for those currently fighting and those who have lost their battle with breast cancer. Did you know 1 in every 8 woman will develop breast cancer in her life? We all know someone who has been directly affected by this diagnosis, so it is imperative that we promote awareness, screenings, and other preventive measures to protect our community. We will have informative brochures on display the entire month of October.

Operation Prevent the Spread

It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe. Please continue to wear your mask (correctly) and wash your hands often. Hand sanitizer is also located throughout the center for your convenience. Remember to stay home if you don’t feel well and as always, stay hydrated!

Various locations for free vaccinations are available throughout the city if interested in taking an extra precaution to do your part.

For detailed vaccine info or questions/concerns regarding both youth and adult vaccines, please contact Dr. Toya Coffey!

Martial Arts

We now have the flexibility to devote quality, concentration to each and every class, without merging ranks or running out of time. This month, we will be dividing our classes to effectively assist every age group and skillset. 30-minute kids class, black belt/adult class, self-defense, and the highly anticaipated weapons class. We are also able to offer additional open practice space throughout the week-rsvp required. In order to operate each class efficiently, we must start and end on time. All students and instructors should arrive on time in order to provide great quality instruction.

Finalized class schedules will be available in the following weeks.

Youth Friday Night Bible Study

Looking for positive, Friday night fun for the kids? Look no more! Join us for a 30-min, fun bible-study session in a laid back environment followed by free pizza! Sessions will begin Friday, October 15th at 7p. Facilitated by KJN with the support of New Unity Baptist Church, Rev Mark A Toney. Bring a friend or two!

Other Center Programs

All other programs will be announced within the upcoming months as we continue to improve our beautiful space to do God’s work. If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer to assist with any service, please let us know. Programs include:

-latchkey/ tutoring -financial literacy sessions

-ladies dance workouts -fitness bootcamps

-health screenings -community outreach/ awareness events

Any Suggestions?

#SandyBellLLC #PutGod1stPlace

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